Professional Ornamental Iron Fencing

Bobco Ornamental Iron offers professional work for ornamental iron fencing. Located in Franklin Square, New York, our ironworks services are readily available for clients across Nassau County, Long Island and the greater New York City area. Ornamental iron fencing is a great way to add value to your home or property. Let's take a closer look at what exactly is ornamental iron fencing and the pros and cons of going that route.

What is an Ornamental Iron Fence?

An ornamental iron fence is actually made up of steel. Real steel. However, ornamental iron is cheaper to buy, easier to produce, and is more widely available. So when it comes to using it for home projects, ornamental iron is easier and offers some quality benefits. One such being that consumers can easily modify their wrought iron fences after the installation. In general, many fence manufacturers also use wrought iron to put the finishing touches on an ornamental iron fence through casting or similar processes. Let's take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of ornamental iron fencing.


Manufacturing is large quantities is easy.

It is a lightweight material.

On the whole, a more cost-effective option than wrought iron.

Typically cheaper to ship and transport.

Easy to repair, match, or extend ornamental iron.

Ability to customize or modify after purchase.


Standard steel fences may bend under less pressure, so they are more easily damaged.

More likely need to double check materials for quality assurance.

The gauge thickness often varies.

Replacement for ornamental iron fencing more frequent than wrought iron use.

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Bobco Ornamental Iron has years of experience working with ornamental iron iron and using it for custom fencing projects. Learn more about our fencing services and how we hand-craft the metal to perfectly customize it for you. We will work with you to ensure the vision matches your desires. And due to our years of experience, we can add a layer of expertise and help you choose the right style for the fence. The number for our office is 516-354-4158. When you call, we can go over exactly what you want and need. During this consultation, we can also go over the budget to help you effectively plan and style the fence.