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Bobco Ornamental Iron specializes as a contractor of steel fabrication, which we use to complete many different iron works projects. Our steel fabrication services are mainly used for the creation of fences for home and business owners across Long Island, New York. But we also offer custom iron works services for wrought iron railings and gates. Use our steel fabrication services for any custom iron works project!

What Is Steel Fabrication?

Since we offer steel fabrication, it is prudent to fully understand what this process is comprised of. For starters, steel fabrication involves taking raw materials and shaping them into the fence, gate, what have you. During this process, the raw materials are melted down and mixed into steel before being constructed into the desired shape. The process requires a skilled technician who has the experience in taking raw components and transforms them into what you need. Learn more about our custom ironworks designs and how our fences, gates, and railings are of the highest quality.

Steel fabrication of custom railingsThe basic methods of steel fabricating includes cutting or burning, forming, machining, or welding. Let’s go over how some of these services work.


Machining involves shaving away parts of the metal to make the desired object. Fabricators use lathes, mills and drills to complete this task.


Cutting, or commonly known as jet cutting, is an abrasive process that uses high pressure water to cut any material with great precision. And does so with no distortion.


Welding is the most common form of steel fabrication. Fabricators use this process to bend or combine pieces to make them one piece.

Proper fabrication of steel allows for expert use for gates, fences, railings and more. And as trusted contractors on Long Island, we can get you the materials you need.

Basic Materials Involved with Steel Fabrication

When it comes to steel fabrication, there are a few different raw materials to use. So when you know which items to keep on site helps speed up the fabrication process. Here are some of the basic materials to use for any metal fabrication project.

Plate Metal

Fabricators use this to shape the pieces that are working with. Plate metal makes sure they have all options available.


The use of fittings is needed for creating and completing almost any job.


Castings add a visual interest during the steel fabrication process. Making sure you have some on hand can speed up the creation process.

Formed and Expanded Metal

Expanded metal is grate-like. So it is suits things like outdoor furniture that need to be able to let moisture flow off.

Sectional Metal

“L” beams and “Z” shapes are common types of sectional metals. Bar metal and rod metal also commonly used.

Flat Metal

Flat metal like sheet metal and plate metal are all great for fabrication. Add flat metal to pieces to create visual interest, texture and different shapes.

Welding Wire

Since fabrication requires welding metal pieces be together, it is critical to keep various types and thicknesses of welding wire on hand. So you can easily join these pieces with one another.

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