When Should I Choose Ornamental Iron?

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Bobco Ornamental Iron is a leading contractor in New York for ironworks projects for fences, railings and gates. Ornamental iron may be ideal or is commonly used in many different applications for both homes and business in New York and across Long Island. Here are some scenarios where an ironworks contractor comes in handy!

Large Scale Jobs

When you need fencing, it is often a large-scale job. Ornamental iron is the way to go for these projects, since it is an affordable material that is readily available. So you won't have to break the bank in order to get this fencing project, or any large-scale project, complete.


A wrought iron fence is a great choice for securing a property. Why? It is strong and we can build it into taller heights. On top of that, the fixed points can be made to become virtually impossible to climb. So you can get added security with the addition of an ornamental iron fence.

Fencing on Uneven & Sloped Land

Due to the way ornamental steel fences are manufactured, there is a pivoting feature that allows them to be installed on a bias. This helps to match tough angles on the ground. And they are easy to adjust. Ornamental iron is the perfect choice if you have an uneven yard that needs fencing.


Perhaps the biggest perk of ornamental steel is the fact they are easy to customize. We can create custom decorative solutions for any budget. With the end result living up to your expectations.

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Bobco Ornamental Iron has years of experience working in the ironwork industry in New York. Our valued experience allows us to help you determine how to tackle all of your ornamental iron project concerns. Our staff will take the time to work with you and listen to your needs and your vision for the project. We may be the experts when it comes to working with ornamental iron, but you are the expert of your own home or property. So we take your input seriously.

When you choose Bobco, we can accommodate a wide variety of custom railing options. From fences, to gates, to railings, get the ornamental iron project that is perfect for your situation. And through our welding ironworks experience, we are able to offer our reliable services at great, affordable pricing! Get a quote today!

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