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Bobco Ornamental Iron offers a wide range of contracting services for people on Long Island and throughout the New York City area, including the professional installation of window guards. It may surprise you to know this, but kids falling out of windows is a daily problem. And leads to significant injuries and sometimes even deaths. These injuries range from minor cuts and bruises, to broken bones, to fatal head injuries. However, many of these incidents can be avoided by installing window guards and other safety measures. Take the necessary precautions and get window guards installed today! When you turn to Bobco Ornamental Iron, you will be getting years of experience as well!

Safe Installation of Window Guards

The installation of window guards will immediately make the window itself safer. In a nutshell, window guards can prevent the window from opening more than 4 inches. Which means that a child cannot open it and fall out. In New York City, the NYC Health Code requires buildings with three or more apartments to properly install window guards on all the window in an apartment where a child of 10 years or younger resides. As well as in each hallway.

However, you do not need to live in a New York City apartment to want to have window guards. Many homeowners on Long Island reach out for the installation of window guards due to the presence of a small child. They offer peace of mind to those that have them, since it is highly unlikely an accident occurs. Moving furniture away from the window is also another common safeguard. Kids have a propensity of climbing furniture and falling. Better fall in the home and not out the window!

Major Risk of Window Falls

Windows pose a risk to small children. Especially when no safeguards are put in place. However, the installation of window guards can limit risks and make the environment a safer place.

- Window falls from windows are more common in spring and summer months, which makes sense since people use windows more in the warmer months.

- Twenty-five percent of window fall injuries end up in the hospital.

- Children under 5 years are more likely to suffer serious injuries from a window fall. These children are also three times more likely to suffer a head injury.

Then we come to the surface outside the window. Obviously, harder surfaces like concrete are more likely to suffer a serious injury or a head injury and wind up in the hospital. So of course it isn't always possible to change the surface, but it is something to be aware of. Perhaps you have the opportunity to plant a bush or a flower bed, which can cushion the landing in case of a fall.

If you live with a hard surface outside the window and have small kids, then you should consider the installation of window guards. And if you are a landlord and do not have window guards for apartment building, well, then, what are you waiting for?

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Bobco Ornamental Iron has years of experience as a general contractor in the greater New York City area and throughout Long Island, New York. Among the many projects we handle is the installation of window guards. Very common for residential apartment buildings and a safety measure any building owner should look into to keep their tenants safe. Get a quote for the installation of window guards today.

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