Professional Wrought Iron Restoration

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Bobco Ornamental Iron specializes in working with wrought iron, which includes professional restoration services. Wrought iron is known to be durable and long-lasting, but that doesn't mean it last forever. At some point you may likely need to restore or replace the wrought iron. Especially when you live Long Island, since the harsh New York winters may wear away the material.

As wrought iron contractors, we can build new structures. However, sometimes all you need is some professional restoration of wrought iron. And you can salvage the structure and save some money in the process. This hold especially true for any wrought iron railings, gates, or fences, since they may offer a certain type of beauty that newer structures simply may not exist. Or, of course, there is some sentimental value with it.

Why Restoration of Wrought Iron Is Great

Wrought iron is commonly used in houses to make gates, railings, fences, chains, and more. It is popular because of the character it adds to the home. That is why people go to great lengths to keep it looking great. And when it deteriorates, it might simply be easier to restore the wrought iron than to replace it. Our contractors have years of experience working with wrought iron structures and can professionally restore almost any sort of project. So once we professionally restore the wrought iron, you have a brand new looking structure to admire! By restoring it, you will save a lot of money instead of replacing it. And we all like saving money, right?

Removing Rust From Wrought Iron

One of the aspects we can handle regarding the restoration of wrought iron gates, fences, railings, etc is help with removing the rust from the ornamental iron. To remove the rust from the wrought iron, we first scrub away any of the flaky or loose rust from the surface. Then we will smooth out the surface with a medium-grit sandpaper while dusting away any remaining residues. By making the surface smoother, it helps when it comes to keeping painting even.

Depending on the type of job at hand, we may need a rust remover to rub the surface thoroughly. All spots will be removed in order to prevent any future rusting. Once this is down, we will rub the wrought iron surface with a fine steel wool pad. By doing so, we are repairing the appearance of the iron.

Then, when we are coming down to the end of the job and the metal is dry, it is wise to apply a coat of rust-resistant primer to also prevent any future rusting. This primer also helps to seal the surface and get it ready for painting. This wrought iron restoration will improve the appearance of the structure, while adding a beautiful shine to it.

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